Salvador Crespo was born in Bernal, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in May 1960.
He studied drawing and painting at the Carlos Morel School of Fine Arts of Quilmes, Argentina.
Later he studied with the master Pedro Ricci, with whom he delved into techniques of engraving and drawing with charcoal, pencil, ink and waxes, in addition to starting his first steps painting with watercolor, tempera and oil.

Belonging to the generation of plastic artists of the 70s, he begins his own path of self-taught learning and individual search.

His training in a technical high school and later the field of technology, greatly contributed to developing his skills in drawing plans, full of lines and details, which added to his passion for restoring classic cars and motorcycles, greatly facilitated his skills for his characteristic hyper-realistic technique and style.

His work has been exhibited in:

  • Adriana Budich Art Gallery – Buenos Aires, Argentina – February 2020
  • Lunática 2022 – Usina del Arte – Buenos Aires, Argentina – April 2022 / June 2022
  • Auto Clásica, Hipódromo San Isidro – San Isidro, Argentina – October 2022
  • Universidad de La Matanza, Argentina – November 2022


  • Porsche Argentina – CABA – Since October 2022 to the present.
  • Lunática 2022 – Usina del Arte – Buenos Aires, Argentina – December 2022 / February 2023
  • Galería Arte Paraná Seguros – Buenos Aires, Argentina – January 2023 / May 2023
  • Galería de Arte Centoira – Buenos Aires, Argentina – April 2023



"A line, a zone of color, is not really important because it records what one has seen, but because of what will lead one to continue seeing."

This is how Salvador’s painting helps us raise our sensitivity. The stopped gaze before his paintings enhances the imagination. The painting goes beyond the real to evolve towards the hyperreal. Salvador Crespo through his work teaches us to see and discover.

"I don't know why people value my work, what I do is see amazement where others see custom

Contemplating the paintings of Salvador Crespo provokes a non-transferable emotion. It leaves you breathless when you see the dreamed object within reach of your eyes.

It is not just a matter of looking at what is exposed, but of being trapped with all the attention on it. Jorge Luis Borges expressed: «I don’t know why people value my work, what I do is see amazement where others see custom.»

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